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Abortion Overview

abortion-recoveryAm I pregnant? If you think you might be pregnant, you need information on all your options. You may be considering an abortion.

Some women feel like now isn’t a good time to have a baby. You may also worry you won’t be able to continue on in school. Because abortion is a permanent decision, it can be a good idea to take a couple of days to get as much information as you can about all your options to make the best choice for you.

Before you deal with the stress of that decision, though, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re pregnant. Many women who contact us are upset about needing to make this choice, because they are late for their period.

But, a late period is only a sign of pregnancy. There are many reasons your period could be late. Stress, a change in diet, a change in exercise or more, all can have an effect on a woman’s period. To know for sure, it’s always a good idea to have a pregnancy test.

Even though pregnancy tests are generally accurate, it can also be a good idea to get an ultrasound. This can tell you if your pregnancy is viable.

Contact us to make an appointment or get real-time help. We can help you think through your options, and offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasound services. We don’t make any money on you, no matter what decision you make.

While we don’t perform or refer for abortions, we’re here to give you all the options you need to make the healthiest choice possible.